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CRM implementation services

positioning you in control of your synergies

A successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution implementation will allow your company to avoid the potential losses in productivity and revenue that could occur when there are difficulties with the transition.

Whilst most CRM developers do offer onboarding services, there are some drawbacks to using their service, such as they:

  • exist to support only their solution, which will not result in your organisation being consulted on competing solutions that may be a much better fit for your organisation’s needs
  • are not positioned to dive deep into your business in the same way a dedicated consultant will


Additionally, no matter how innovative or easy to use a particular CRM solution is proclaimed to be, there will almost always be unexpected hurdles that cause implementation delays which are most efficiently resolved by experienced specialists.

With the support of our CRM consultants, your organisation will be able to

ROI-first custom CRM integrations.


Your relationship with your customers is your company’s greatest asset. Strong customer relationships are the driving force behind high net promoter scores, favorable conversion rates and even your customer’s lifetime value.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides your team with a scalable solution for managing customer communications. More than just a customer database storehouse, the right CRM system can support your sales, marketing and automation efforts – saving your team time while improving your investment returns.

CRM Implementation Service Process

Stage 1: Discovery & Strategy

  1. Deep dive stakeholder meetings to discover needs
  2. Development of workflow maps
  3. Solution research and compatibility analysis
  4. Provision of advice report

Stage 2: Implementation

  1. Strategic architecture of the Solution
  2. Setup of the Solution + reporting system (if separate)
  3. Integration of 3rd party systems into the Solution
  4. Formatting and migration of past data into the Solution
  5. Testing of the Solution

Stage 3: Onboarding

  1. Creation of training guides (process maps, demonstration videos, manuals, etc)
  2. Solution presentations as required

Stage 4: Support

  1. Ongoing technical support
  2. General maintenance Of the Solution
  3. Insight & feature development advice

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