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Management consulting


We have 50+ years of consulting experience across various industries including :


Why should you need a management consultant

Consultancies provide organizational change-management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services.

The key reasons are:

Increase productivity :

Firstly, a management consultant becomes quickly familiar with the culture of a company. Thanks to their good writing skills, they are able to communicate effectively. They identify problems and understand the needs of their client organisations. They manage the time factor, being flexible and adaptable. Ready to assist you anytime.

Supervise step-by-step

Secondly, management consultants analyse and recommend solutions to complex problems in an organisation, they have the commitment to follow them through, motivating their teams and making sure they stick to the changes. If the leadership team is not receptive to change, they might not inspire their teams to take action. And you? Are you ready to change for the better?

Worthwhile decision

Thirdly, a management consultant is cheaper than hiring internal employees and can provide expert knowledge in specialised areas. In some cases, a management consultant is also a good resource for a company. But, you should always be careful in selecting a management consultant, given that the benefits can be enormous. We are quite confident that we are what you are looking for !

Our layers of consulting value-add:

Additional goals :

Improve organisational effectiveness

Facilitate client learning

Build consensus and commitment

Foundational purposes :

Assist implementation

Provide recommendations

Conduct diagnosis that may redefine problem

Provide solutions to given problems

Provide requested information

Our approach to consulting is inspired by the philosophies analysed by the Harvard Business Review as illustrated above.


What are the costs?

Service charges are calculated on a per engagement basis and are determined by factors such as duration, complexity, etc. We will provide an estimate following the consultation stage of our service process.


How to order?

Simply submit your enquiry via our form & we’ll be in touch!


Recent clients

We are proud to have served :

Process flow

How our process works :


We dive down deep into the required frameworks, functions, processes, etc., with key stakeholders and end users to identify the goals and needs.

Cost estimate

Based on agile methodology we define the first few iterations of  the service including delivery timeframes and cost estimates.

Service provision

We provide the service in iterations as required (inherently accommodating of changing needs).

Onboarding & Training

We provide training materials on how to use solution as required including process flow mapping, video demonstrations, etc.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support as required.

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