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What is ServeSmart?

ServeSmart is a revolutionary conversational artificial intelligence based VOIP phone system engineered by Deedy Technologies.

By design, it delivers the next level of customer service experience over the phone through incorporating of all forms of modern technologies.

What makes ServeSmart special is its capability to deliver superior consumer experiences by leveraging the power of :

  1. Deeply embedded conversational artificial intelligence
  2. Integrations with an almost unlimited range of software technologies (via API and webhooks)
  3. Capability to dramatically increase service fulfilment timeframes via process automation
  4. Secure, cloud-native infrastructure and scalability on demand.


What's included ?

ServeSmart’s list of capabilities is growing over time as new developments become available.

The features and functions currently available include:

Conversational artificial intelligence

ServeSmart's conversational AI analyses natural speech to identify an effective course of action to complete its services. This feature enables the fulfilment of functions such as: Connecting users to representatives matching their needs by simply saying why they are calling - rather than having to listen to and navigate through menu lists via keypad.

Automated appointment booking over the phone

ServeSmart integrates seamlessly with all online calendar systems (e.g. outlook, gmail, iCal, hotmail) through intelligently designed cloud-based infrastructure to book your clients' appointments over the phone without any double bookings. If an unavailable time is requested, it will automatically check your calendar(s) for available times and propose them!


Find the subscription that makes the most sense for you or your organisation

Solo Hero

Perfect for individuals!
  • For individuals working from 1 location


Perfect for teams!
  • For teams with multiple calendars or locations


Perfect for organisations!
  • For teams with 20+ members, or needs for bespoke workflows


FeaturesSolo HeroTeamworkEnterprise

Automatic booking of appointments

Automatic rescheduling of appointments

Automatic calling of customers to confirm the attendance

Automatic answering of FAQs (e.g. parking, open times, etc)

Automatic transcription of calls

Automatic saving of call transcriptions / recordings to CRM


End of call customer satisfaction survey




What are the costs?

In it’s standard configuration, ServeSmart is provided via subscription starting at €29 per month, and has a once-off setup fee of €89. 

Additional features / upgrades are available as outlined below:

Additional feature options:


Recent clients

We are proud to have served :

Get started

How to order?

Simply select your preferred features and place your order via our order form here:


Telephony technology release milestones :

Invention of the telephone

Alexander Graham Bell develops what he called the "electric speech machine" - the world's first telephone.

First arrival of IVR

Interactive voice response replaces human connection and efficiency with "press 1 for..." and "to go back to the previous menu..."

Deedy releases "ServeSmart"

Providing the next generation of quality service standards made possible through artificial intelligence and system integrations.


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Our subscription plans are open ended and include a guarantee of a 6 month minimum notice period for changes to any aspects of the subscription. Additionally, we guarantee to provide your subscription for a minimum of 18 months from the initial date of purchase. You may terminate your subscription with us at any time with 30 days written notice. More information.

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