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Social Media Managing

Social media management is a solution that allows marketing and public relations professionals to manage and schedule posts on multiple social media channels, monitor conversations and analyze follower engagement data.This allows you to optimize your online presence and increase the visibility of your brand. We may plan content, monitor interactions and mentions and analyze data to improve your social media marketing plan

Why you need a social media manager

Employing a social media manager helps your business to generate traffic on your social media page and improve brand recognition. These are the things, of course, that will lead to get more customers.

What to expect :

With increased visibility, your business gains more conversion opportunities,more customers and more profits.


What are the key features?

Managing your page

our team of social media managers take care of your communication strategy as well as its implementation, which memans creating your page if you don’thave one, or improving it.

Creating content

Every week,they will create professional content in line with your brand and audience, which they will then publish on your sociall media page

Boosting & Advertising

The Social Manager will take care to promote your page and activity, also will design, launch and optimize targeted advertising campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram.

What are intui's key features?


What are the costs?

Service charges are calculated on a per engagement basis and are determined by factors such as duration, complexity, etc. We will provide an estimate following the consultation stage of our service process.

Social Media Management 3

We will manage your social page for you. Whether it's your communication strategy, making and post 3 posts per week grow your community and promote you.

Social Media Management 5

We will manage your social page for you. Whether it's your communication strategy, making and post 5 posts per week grow your community and promote you.


How to order?

Simply submit your enquiry via our form & we’ll be in touch!


Recent clients

We are proud to have served :

Process flow

How our process works :


We dive down deep into the required frameworks, functions, processes, etc., with key stakeholders and end users to identify the goals and needs.

Cost estimate

Based on agile methodology we define the first few iterations of  the service including delivery timeframes and cost estimates.

Service provision

We provide the service in iterations as required (inherently accommodating of changing needs).

Onboarding & Training

We provide training materials on how to use solution as required including process flow mapping, video demonstrations, etc.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support as required.

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