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System Integrations


Why invest in system integrations :

Much like how different people have different specialisations, different softwares have different specialisations - leading to an unavoidable use of multiple systems. By integrating systems your organisation can optimise its: customer experience, staff happiness, operational costs, and more.

What to expect :

Following the digital-first principal of 'automate before delegate', system integrations' key deliverables include substantial reductions in: administration tasks, backlogs, and service timeframes.


What's included ?

Our systems integration services can interconnect 2000+ unique applications.

The key features currently available include:

On-demand scalability :

Our system integration solutions are powered via cloud computing to provide the ability to scale infrastructure live as required.

Efficiency through agility :

Our teams typically operate under agile project management methodology - which translates into the ability to adapt swiftly to changing needs throughout our engagements.

Managed service format :

To provide the highest standards of quality and convenience, whether our engagement consists of a fully managed team or an individual software development subject matter expert, our operational model is to provide a dedicated Consulting Project Manager who will serve as the sole point of contact for the entire duration of our engagements.


What are the costs?

Service charges are calculated on a per engagement basis and are determined by factors such as duration, complexity, etc. We will provide an estimate following the consultation stage of our service process.


How to order?

Simply submit your enquiry via our form & we’ll be in touch!


Recent clients

We are proud to have served :

Process flow

How our process works :


We dive down deep into the required frameworks, functions, processes, etc., with key stakeholders and end users to identify the goals and needs.

Cost estimate

Based on agile methodology we define the first few iterations of  the service including delivery timeframes and cost estimates.

Service provision

We provide the service in iterations as required (inherently accommodating of changing needs).

Onboarding & Training

We provide training materials on how to use solution as required including process flow mapping, video demonstrations, etc.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support as required.

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