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Did you know?

  • 75% of diners choose a restaurant based on search results.
  • A website's first impression is made in just 2.6 seconds, and is 94% design-related.
  • Diners consider a professional website to be a clear sign the restaurant is established, trustworthy - and appetising!

So if your restaurant doesn’t have a good quality website,
you’re missing out on up to 3/4 of your audience!

Let's help you get more customers!

Which plan suits you best?

In all cases, we build your website for you! The question for you to decide is: Which features do you want?

We offer 3 different subscription plans for restaurants to showcase your brand and win more customers.

Find the subscription that makes the most sense for you!

The Sweet

Great to start, cater, & host events!




Plus a one time setup fee of €349!


Website control login access

We provide you complete login access to the content management platform we use (WordPress) such that, if you like, you can make any changes to your website directly at any time without.

Customised to fit your preferences

The setup fee includes up to 10 hours of work to develop / customise your website to fit your preferences and goals.

If you require any developments thereafter you can complete them yourself, or we can perform more work for you at our standard hourly rate(s) subject to your support package selection.

For an outline of timeframes required to complete specific services, see here.

Display of your photos and videos

We will optimise the images and videos you provide and select to be placed on your website

Online electronic menu

The menu is one of the primary things customers want to see; we create fully customised digital menus translated in multiple languages styled consistently with your brand's aesthetics.

Multiple language translations

We add translated into multiple languages directly onto your website for all devices making it convenient and easy for your viewers to translate it if they require to languages of your choice.

Device specific responsive styling

This feature allows the website to display perfectly on all devices and screen sizes by automatically adapting to the size of the viewer's screen, whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Attention grabbing interactivity

Customers feel that interactivity on a website is what makes a website new, modern, and fresh. We make your website highly interactive with motion effects and animations that are both enjoyable and maintain the interest of your viewers.

Social media account links

We add your social media links to your website to allow your customers to easily find and follow you on your social media accounts; eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Deliveroo & Uber Eats registration links

We add your Deliveroo and Uber Eats page links to your website to allow your customers to easily find your registration and place delivery orders.

Your domain branded email accounts

Optionally you can use our email hosting system from which you can make and use as many email accounts as you like.

High speed website hosting

We exclusively use high speed website hosting technologies to ensure your website loads quickly for your viewers to provide a fast and provides a nice user experience!

Advanced security system software
and monthly maintenance

We provide an advanced security system with monthly maintenance - an essential part of your subscription that keeps your online presence safe and functional.

Spam communication filter

Website spam refers to unwanted messages sent to you via email via the contact form your website will have. We reduce the number of such communications you will receive by appling spam blocking technologies.

Live dynamic map display

We add a dynamic map integration to your venue's address on your website to provide your users a modern vibe, and navigate to your venue more easily.

Email customer support

We provide assistance for any strategic, technical or aesthetic questions/concerns you may have regarding your website via e-mail contact.

Click the features above for more info! 👆

The Tasty

Ideal for more engagement!




Plus a one time setup fee of €499!


Everything in "the Sweet"

The Tasty subscription plan includes all features listed in "The Sweet"

Simple online ordering system

We will add an online ordering system to your website so your customers can order from you online. Once they do, you will receive order notices instantly via email.

Thereafter, your customers can pay you at the time of order delivery / collection.

Customised QR code to online menu

We will make and provide you a QR code you can eg print and place on your tables your customers can scan from their smart phones to see your menu online. Optionally this can save you from needing to print your menus, providing you a cost saving.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) influences how relevant search engine results (such as that of Google) consider your website to be relative to the searches of your audience. We apply SEO on your website specific to the unique aspects of your restaurant to help your audience find you!

This feature is applied at the time of setup. We offer maintenance and updating of SEO as a separate service.

Audience data tracking & analytics

We implement technical data tracking and data analytics connected to advertising networks such as google ads and facebook ads such that you can make informed decisions when considering to run online campaigns, or further optimise your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Cloud delivery optimisation

In addition to our website hosting feature, your website will be cached on our servers in the regions of your viewers, speeding up their experience in loading your website on their device. Furthermore, we develop your website in such a way that it is light such that servers load it quickly.

Phone customer support

Our customer service team will be at your disposal via phone.

Get a €10 monthly discount on
another Deedy subscription

As a friendly gesture to thank you for your loyalty, if you subscribe to another service we provide, we will automatically provide you a €10 monthly discount on that service.

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The Delicious

Best for maximising branding!




Plus a one time setup fee of €699!


Everything in "the Tasty"

The Delicious subscription plan includes all features listed in "The Tasty"

Online ordering payment system

Further to the online ordering system provided under "the Tasty", we will add an online payment system so you won't have to handle payments for each order.

Reservation booking system

We connect your restaurant to our recommended appointment booking system, The Fork, which enables your customers to autonomously book your tables - and exposes your website to the audience of!

Showcase of social media reviews

Customer reviews are one of your most valuable sales tools. Nearly 95%of shoppers read online reviews before makeing a purchace, and 93% of local consumers use testimonials to determine if a local business is good or bad you need to make it easy for your costumer to find and read. For this reason we integrate your social media reviews to display on your website, further enhancing the strength of your branding and online presence.

Google maps registration

We register your restaurant on Google Maps such your audience can also find you on there, and easily direct themselves to your venue.

Trip Advisor registration

We complete your registration on Trip Advisor to expose your restaurant to their audience, and gain attention from prospective visitors!

Uber Eats account registration

We complete your registration on Uber Eats to expose your restaurant to their audience, and gain attention from prospective visitors!

Deliveroo account registration

We complete your registration on Deliveroo to expose your restaurant to their audience, and gain attention from prospective visitors!

Click the features above for more info! 👆

Website domain registration assistance available if required. Read more.

Publishing your website publicly requires connecting your website to a domain.

If you don't have one already, domains can be easily purchased from a domain registrar for as little as €12.99 per year subject to your selection.

We recommend getting your domain from Site Ground. In any case, we'll provide technical assistance to purchase your domain and connect it to your website with us!

Unsure what to choose?

We recommend The Sweet because covers the basics for an amazing price. If you have any questions just let us know!

It's fast & convenient!

Our recipe for making websites:

  • Step 1:

    You order your preferred service offering
  • Step 2:

    We collect from you the information we need
  • Step 3:

    We customise everything based on your preferences
  • Step 4:

    We share our work with you to confirm your satisfaction
  • Step 5:

    We publish everything online, & maintain it under your subscription!

Our portfolio!

We deliver designs for any taste

See our samples below for some example of the styles we’ll invite you to choose from once you order:

Testimonials & feedback

Our website wasn’t updated for a few years so the timing was good for the service.

Now our website has our correct information and the style is great. We can recommend Deedy.


Yes – you may purchase the website we’ve developed for you as a stand-alone product for €1198 here.

For a full list of features included in a stand-alone purchase, see here: More information.

Our subscription plans are open ended and include a guarantee of a 6 month minimum notice period for changes to any aspects of the subscription. Additionally, we guarantee to provide your subscription for a minimum of 18 months from the initial date of purchase. You may terminate your subscription with us at any time with 30 days written notice. More information.

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